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                              SwaraNadaNadanam offers a variety of group and individual courses to, kids of age 5 and above, to working men and women, irrespective of their physical location. Our highly qualified teachers, graduated from Kerala Kalamandalam, will provide flexible learning options for all passionate learners. Irrespective of the physical location.


                      Currently active batches are going on for our Carnatic Music, Mohini Attam, Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi courses. New batches are starting on August 17th on the auspicious occasion / day of prosperity Chingam 1st. The same day is celebrated in various cultures as the onset of harvest season. Our instrumental classes are starting along with the new batches on August 17th 2021.



At this point, we have a number of students enquiring about timeslots and new batches. Currently registering and signing up is being done in a first cum first serve basis. So, please hurry before the new batches fill up. Check out the qualifications and details of our teachers as well.

  1. Every student registering for the course will be slated into batches of 2 or 3 students.

  2. All students will have 2 classes per week and hence close to 8 to 10 classes in a month depending on the months.

  3. The classes will have 3 students at max to ensure there is adequate time for the group class without eliminating the need for individual attention.

  4. We urge all parents and families to be involved in this process as well as always; “For every kid, parents are the first teachers and teaching starts at home”.

  5. There will be special sessions from the esteemed teachers that will be telecast live via XOOM meetings to all members of the institute once a month.

  6. These special sessions will be informative for the kids and may be in one or the other art form.

  7. Kids are encouraged to practice before or after every class and at least for a short time every day.

  8. This helps in ensuring the already strong platform that our teachers are laying with 2 classes per week and the catch up sessions.

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